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O Mary, conceived without sin.
Pray for us who have recourse to you


Juniors Legion of Mary 

Juniors Legion of Mary

 “For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:8

The Junior Legion is an organization for the spiritual development of persons under 18 years of age. The president, and at times the vice-president are experienced Senior Legionaries of Mary. Each group which is called a praesidium, is under the guidance of a spiritual director.

Primarily, the purpose is to train and spiritualize the young members. In a short time they till take their place as lay apostles of Christ doing the work as Senior Legionaries of Mary.

Junior Legion of Mary praesidia can be found throughout the entire world.


What does the Junior Legion of Mary do?

Each member must do at least one hour of work each week. This work is assigned at the weekly meeting which all members must attend. Junior Legion Praesidia have been found to be valuable in the work that they do in parishes. Junior Legionaries may teach catechism to young children, visit the sick, make rosaries & visit the elderly.

Work at home also may be done in addition to the weekly assignment. The Spirit of Mary working for the Holy Family at Nazareth should be preserved by each member in the work at home.

What Benefits Can the Junior Legion of Mary Bring? 

OUR PARISH: It forms a spiritual army of youth within any parish. Many worthwhile tasks are performed, which would otherwise be neglected. As a consequence, more blessings are earned, more graces are gained, and more souls are saved.

TO OUR YOUTH: A unique opportunity for spiritual growth is given. No other organization offers a daily program of prayer, a weekly work assignment and the discipline of a meeting each week. In crucial years when formation is so essential, the Junior Legion develops spiritual and mental growth of the personality, Junior Legionaries stand to gain for everything they freely give in service to Mary.

TO OUR CHURCH: Lay Apostles are wanted and needed. A firm spiritual foundation given to our youth will insure a source of supply of Lay Apostles for years to come. As Junior Legionaries, our youth are taught to give to their Church rather than to wait for what they can receive. The Junior Legion forms good Catholics now, and better Catholics tomorrow.


If you are interested in joining the Junior Legion of Mary, contact the Miami Regia Email: contact@legionofmarymiamiregia.com who will offer guidance.  

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"You are a Movement of lay people who propose to make faith the aspiration of your life up to the achievement ofpersonal sanctity."

Pope John Paul II


Legion of Mary Child Safeguarding Policy

The Legion of Mary Child Safeguarding Policy aims to do everything possible to provide a safe environment for children and young people where they are cherished and encouraged to become involved in the life of our Church. 

Legion of Mary's Child Safeguarding Policy